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    Helping you train your working retriever with videos, articles, workshops and more
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    At Handjem Retrievers, Mike and his assistant, Ray Voigt, train 24 dogs daily in situations designed to prepare them for the rigors of all-age field trial competition. With facilities in Montello, Wisconsin and Boston, Georgia, Handjem offers year round training with outstanding land and water venues.
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Total Retriever Training

Whether you just bought your first retriever puppy or you are training for the National Retriever Championship, Mike Lardy's training videos, articles, and workshops are the source for proven, practical, and affordable information for helping you train your dog in a system based on love and respect. Mike pioneered the approach that fosters success while encouraging style and confidence. 



Hall of Fame

 The 2014 dog inductees to the Retriever Hall of Fame are two Handjem-trained dogs, Dual CH-AFC JJ's Jessie (below) and NFC-AFC Cashman's Fat Lady Zingin.

JJsJessieHandler Mike Lardy with new Field Champion JJ's Jessie and owners Linda and Mitch Patterson at the Del-Bay Retriever Club Fall trial in 1987.






Mike's Philosophy






Cues, Commands, and Releases

Training Tip #2 
Cues, Commands, and Releases
From Total Retriever Marking with Mike Lardy

A cue is a word or phrase, or action from the handler that gives a dog a hint or clue.

Examples: "mark"," watch it"," easy", "find the bird", " no bird", loud send, quiet send or putting your hand down to send

A command is a word or phrase or action from the handler that requires an action response from the dog

Examples: "sit", "here", "heel", "back", "over", "drop", or snapping fingers or patting leg for heeling movements, giving a cast

A release is simply a word, phrase, or action that lets the dog proceed as wanted.

Examples: " "OK", "dog's name"

The same word might be a cue, command, or release depending on the context or its use.

Workshops & Clinics

clinic photo with running dog and laura acb669a3a8e695362f946decad7cbff9

Although Mike Lardy conducted his first seminar almost 25 years ago, it was his innovative workshop format, started in 1994, that really created a venue for Mike to coach trainers as they implement the TotalRetriever program with their own dogs. more

Training Tips

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