Training Tip #4
From Total Retriever Marking with Mike Lardy

For many situations the principle of Go-Stop-Come can be used effectively.  It is a necessary skill for effective use of attrition.

When teaching new concepts it is important to distinguish between the new concept being taught and fundamental commands the dog already knows and should be expected to obey. For many situations we may apply the principle of go-stop-come. That is we expect the dog to go when sent, stop on a whistle blast ("toot") and come-in on a come-in cast ("toot-toot-toot")

As long as your dog will go, stop, and come you can use attrition for all kinds of errors in the field. But attrition breaks down if your dog quits going, stopping, or coming in.

So while you might not correct a dog for certain failures on a mark, it could be appropriate to use collar corrections with indirect pressure if he failed to stop or come-in when you are handling on a marking set-up.