How is the Center Line in the Double T Taught?

Training Tip #39
How is the center line in the Double T taught?
From: Volume I Training with Mike Lardy

The Double T is a step-by-step process that takes two to three weeks to complete. It comes after Pile Work has been completed (see the flowchart) . The center line to the back pile is taught first.

The first step in teaching the line is to identify the pile by tossing a bumper to it from 10-20 yards away. Send to the pile from your side or from a front finish (remote) position. Back up 10-15 yards after each send so that you are progressively farther away from the pile as you receive the dog. Repeat this process until you have gradually moved to the baseline. Finish your first session by lining to the pile several times from the baseline from both the side and remote positions.

The second day on the Double T, you should identify the pile again but then more quickly move back to the baseline. If you dog is not lining straight down the middle, you may need to move up, re-identify the pile, and mix in plenty of remote sends.

Teaching the center line is done prior to forcing to the back pile.